At Blueprint City, We have competent and experienced valuers that provide accurate appraisal and asset valuation services for you.
We provide prompt and professional services in accordance with local and international standards.

Get the best valuation appraisals for a wide range of assets and home properties, including:

  • Pre-Purchase.
  • Property Settlement.
  • Asset Register.
  • Compensation.
  • Security.
  • Development.
  • Marine.
  • Mortgage security .
  • Commercial and Industrial
  • Agric and Agro-Allied.
  • Power and Energy Sector .
  • Secured lending and finance related.
  • Aviation.
  • Hotel and Hospitality.
  • Retail valuation of shopping centres.
  • Insurance valuation provides coverage of all asset classes.


During pre-purchase valuations, we help determine the fair market value of any property you wish to purchase. This protects you against buying properties at higher rates and incurring unexpected losses. A pre-purchase valuation will inform you of the property’s current value and whether it is worth investing in.


Property Settlement

In addition, we assist property owners in determining the current and fair market value of their property. We also offer excellent property settlement valuation services to co-owners who want to sell their portion of the property. We ensure that you and your partner make well-informed decisions backed by thorough research in order to obtain fair compensation for the property.

Asset Register

Blueprint City Estates also provides asset register valuation services for any plant and machinery, equipment, tools, computer hardware, and various other items that contribute to the total equity owned by you or your company. With the help of our industry contacts and updated database, we are conversant with current prices of assets. We help you track the value of assets, any subsequent depreciation, and maintain updated and accurate asset registers.


Our licensed property valuers provide property valuations for land compensation purposes. This is as a result of compulsory land acquisition by the government authorities or a declined development application due to public work reservation.

We also act as advocates and negotiators on behalf of owners and tenants for complex compensation matters.


We provide mortgage security valuations for people who need loans to buy a house or invest in real estate. Before lending you money, lenders will need to appraise your security. As an independent firm, we can provide a fair market value for a property because we have no conflict of interest.

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