Real Estate Joint Venture Services

Blueprint City provides real estate joint venture opportunities for individuals and corporate clients.

We provide support for clients who have viable real estate projects but lack adequate capital. Through our platform, we merge resources and expertise in a bid to share ownership, risks, and returns as specified in the joint venture agreement for the purpose of a specific real estate, construction and development objective.

Funding Support

For clients who lack the resources to complete a project, we connect you to the right partners that can make your project a reality. We source finance for land, properties, and other development projects.

Real Estate Business Projects

From structuring a real estate joint venture to drafting a joint venture agreement. We help your real estate project to start off on the right foot and get to completion

Development Proposals

We help you facilitate your development proposals and ensure that it gets to the right hands. Through the solid network we have built over the years, we can match you with people who share your vision and are ready to invest in your project.

Ready To Start A Project?

Through our real estate joint venture service, you can facilitate or take part in larger investment projects and see your dream projects come to live.

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