Consultancy & Advisory Services

Blueprint City offers top real estate consultancy and advisory services to help individuals and corporate clients make profitable decisions.

We help individuals and corporate clients make informed decisions and build profitable investments through reliable, unbiased, and professional real estate advisory services. We also provide comprehensive property advice in estate strategies, asset management planning, and cost reduction initiatives.

Lease Advisory

We provide advice to landlords and lease-holders to guide them on necessary housing laws and regulations. Our in-house professional advisors are equipped with the local knowledge and expertise to negotiate the most favourable outcome.

Advice & Research On Site Selection

With ample years in the business, we are adept at accessing real estate sites and making informed decisions that are favourable for you. We provide real-time site condition snapshots and trends that may impact the future value of your real estate.

Investment Analysis

We provide in-depth analysis to help you understand trends and market influences you should look out for, which can affect your real estate investments. We also provide advice on steps and decisions you can take to mitigate risk.

Market Analysis

We provide an in-depth market analysis for clients who want to know the fair market value of their property compared to market prices of similar properties. Due to our vast experience and expert knowledge of the real estate industry, we are always up-to-date on the current market value of diverse properties.

Competitive Analysis

We provide in-depth competitive analysis to keep you updated on current market strategies to improve your investments. We believe this is critical to staying ahead of the market, remaining competitive and enriching the quality of our clients’ real estate investment decision making.

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