Tenant Information

Tenant Information About Renting A Property

Blueprint City can help you find the perfect property for you, based on your tenant information. We understand how stressful finding a rental property can be, and we are dedicated to making the process smooth for you.

We will protect your rights and secure the perfect home for you while ensuring that your move is stress-free. Please contact us with any questions or to get started on your search.

Step 1

Establish Affordability Tenant Information

Establish Affordability with tenant information

The first thing we do is contact you to determine the type of property you want to rent within the constraints of your budget. Our team will always do its best to assist you in locating the ideal property within your price range.

Step 2

Property Search Tenant Information

Property Search with tenant information

We conduct property searches strictly within the property specifications you provide. We pay attention to the finest details of your taste while moving as quickly as we can to secure the perfect rental property for you.

Step 3

View Property

View Property matching tenant information

When we finally find a property that matches your preferences, we arrange for you to view and inspect the property to your satisfaction before moving forward.

Step 4

Property Application

Property Application

If you find that the property is to your taste after viewing, we will begin the process of applying for the property with your express permission. Our team of brokers will do everything possible to get you a good deal.

Step 5

Tenancy Agreement

Tenancy Agreement

We are committed to protecting your interests throughout the tenancy agreement process. We will carefully review the agreement with you, including your tenant information, before it is legally binding. The agreement legally binds both the landlord and the tenant to specific obligations, such as maintenance, repair, notice periods, and use of the property during the tenancy period.

Step 6

Move In Tenant Information

Move In

Blueprint City will make your move into your new place easy. We will manage your tenant information, coordinate with your landlord, and move your belongings for you.

We offer tenant insurance, also known as renters insurance, to our clients. This insurance can help renters protect their personal property.

Your personal property is insured against theft, fire, and vandalism under your tenant’s insurance.

At Blueprint City, we go beyond securing rental properties for you. We partner with competent and affordable personnel to provide you with maintenance assistance when needed.

Ready To Start A Project?

At Blueprint City, we do more than just find rental properties for you; we work with competent and affordable personnel to provide you with maintenance assistance when needed.

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