Facility Management Services

Blueprint City is a top facility management company for private and corporate clients looking to outsource their facility management.

Get Bespoke Management For Your Facility

We manage facilities for private and corporate clients. We have delivered solutions to clients with a diverse range of commercial, residential, and estate management portfolios through our streamlined operational support.

Operations Management

We help you monitor the operational expenses of your facilities on a regular basis. We also supervise facilities and ensure that any maintenance or construction project on the facility is carried out within budget and on time. We handle the overall direction, coordination, and evaluation of the properties/sites.

Environmental Control & Management Service

We ensure that facilities comply with your organization's policies and applicable laws. We oversee in-house cleaning and maintenance to keep your facility sanitized and in accordance with environmental laws.

Facility Caretaker

We provide you with dedicated caretakers to handle all on-site needs including painting, plumbing repairs and upgrades, kitchen and bathroom upgrades, hardwood or carpet installations, AC unit installations and more.

Building Maintenance And Security

Our job doesn’t end after a sale or acquisition, we help you keep your facilities in good shape. We develop, implement and evaluate programs that help to prevent damages in your facility. We also partner with security outfits contractors to ensure your facilities are protected.

Ready To Start A Project?

Let’s help you manage operations seamlessly in your facility while you focus on your core business. From tracking maintenance requests to managing costs, we help you handle it.

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