Tenant Vacating form 


The purpose of this vacating form is to give you (the tenant) enough notice indicating the process of ending your rent and to provide us with enough time to get a new tenant and for you to get another place to live.

So, completing this vacating form from Blueprint City Estate simply implies that your rent will be terminated as at when due. In addition, notice(s) will be sent to tenants  that complete this vacating form with their basic information.

Duration of notice as listed by the real estate agent: 30 days.

Moreover, if you wish to challenge the 30-day notice on the vacating form, then you can move forward with an eviction case in a federal court of law. And in any case of overstay, an eviction proceedings will be filed in the court of law to complete the eviction process.

So, kindly complete the form so we can get your additional information and help you in anyway we can.

Blueprint city vacating form

Day of Final Walkthrough on Property

Activities before releasing your caution fee by the management after completing the vacation form

  • Schedule the day when the final walkthrough of the property will take place after completing the vacating form. And the purpose is for the landlord, real estate agent, and tenant to inspect the property for damages. However, it is recommended that the tenant should be available so that both parties are present in person on the property.

In addition, remember to drop your active bank account and address within Nigeria to receive any additional communication.

Lastly, write your name, signature, and other requested information as seen in the vacating form from the real estate management.

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