Our Renovation Services cover small to large scale projects, Blueprint City is fully equipped to renovate and restore your properties in order to enhance and increase their value.

Our team of professionals can plan and execute any project irrespective of the size or scale of the renovation.


Design renovation

We will work based on your specifications and needs for your home and office designs to meet modern day standards for all interior and exterior designs of your home.

All Interior And Exterior Work

Your home or office needs to be properly designed. Our renovation service covers both interior and exterior Decorations.


We understand that you want to have the most beautiful and conducive environment. We have the best hands capable of giving your environment the touch it needs. 


We have experienced painters who uniquely understand the psychology of colours and this is for both interior and exterior painting. 

Upgrade of Fittings

There is a room for Improved aesthetics and comfort for your home. Our renovation service covers both upgrades of fittings to ensure the ease of use and comfort of your home and office furniture.

Fixtures of Buildings

If your homes needs additional fixtures to make it look great, we are here to help and we will make sure it meets the modern day structure.


The right roofing gives comfort to the home and the outer view. Our renovation service covers this aspect whether you are looking to change your current roofing or want start a new one. Our experts in this area will sort it out. 

Note about renovation services

We know renovations take time, so we work with reliable partners to make sure your project is completed on time and within budget. For more enquiries, please contact us.

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We can help you restore your property to match modern designs and current standards of living.

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