Property Management

Property Management

Do You Need A Property Management Company?

At Blueprint City, we go beyond helping landlords and property investors acquire properties. We have a team of on-call professionals whose goal is to help you generate maximum returns on your property while we minimize your expenses.

Also, our team at Blueprint City proactively manages your property, making sure that important events like property inspections, lease renewals, and rent reviews are never missed.

Additionally, we have sectors that include but are not limited to residential property, commercial property, retail units, offices, and industries.

Our Services

Blueprint City helps you carry out detailed documentation of your property and offer recommendations on repairs and improvements that can help maximize rental rates and ROI.

We help you market your property by creating captivating ads through various advertising mediums with our field agents who are available to meet with prospective clients every day of the week. We can also help you determine the best rate by gathering data on rental rates in the area through rental research.

With Blueprint City, you won’t have to worry about the tenants on your property. We ask pertinent questions, grade potential tenants according to the criteria you provide, and turn down those who fall short.

Blueprint City are always right on time for rent collection. We track payments, send out pay or quit notices, and enforce late fees on your behalf.

Blueprint City helps you oversee tenant move-in. We draw up lease agreements, review lease guidelines, confirm move-in date with tenants, carry out move-in inspections, and generally make sure all agreements have been executed properly.

Periodically, we carry out thorough inspections on a predefined schedule and send you reports on the conditions of your property on-time and as expected.

We have a network of professional maintenance crews and contractors through which we provide and oversee robust maintenance, repairs, and remodeling. We assign different jobs to different crews according to the demands of the project.

In the case of irreconcilable breaches, we collaborate with law enforcement to smooth the process of evicting tenants from the property in accordance with property laws.

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