Sales & Acquisition

Our network and in-depth knowledge of the Nigerian property market gives us the edge in assisting you with property sales and acquisition in the choice of locations guaranteed to draw tenants and generate a return on investment (ROI).

Our Sales and Acquisition Process

Investment Opportunities

We offer services to individual and corporate clients searching for investment opportunities in property acquisition.

Also, with our vast experience in asset acquisition and management, we provide you with a detailed analysis and careful estimation of the current and future potential of properties under acquisition.

Brokering & Negotiating Deals

Our team comprises experienced property brokers and great negotiators to ensure you get the best end of every property deal. 

Equally, we value our clients’ and make every effort to keep our promises.

Acquiring Properties

Our network and in-depth knowledge of the Nigerian property market give us the edge in helping you acquire properties in choice locations guaranteed to attract tenants.

In addition, we also support our clients in processing property documentation such as the Certificate of Occupancy, Governor’s Consent, etc.

Ready To Start A Project?

We have competent and experienced brokers and negotiators on our team who can provide efficient service and excellent advice on the sales and acquisition of properties.

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