The most important thing when buying any home is the location. It is the only thing that won’t change about the home – you can’t move the land. Therefore, it is important to buy your home in a location that is guaranteed to appreciate over time.

Property valuation is an estimation of a real estate property’s value based on factors like; condition, location, surrounding amenities, etc.

As much as you have time for. This depends on how urgent you need to move and your taste in an apartment.

  • A leasehold property is owned by the government. The property is leased out to individuals or companies for an extended period over 30 years. However, leasehold property owners can sell or rent out their property, provided there is approved documentation of every transaction.

    Freehold property is completely and legally owned by the said individual who purchases it. With full ownership rights, said individual can do whatever he or she wishes with the owned property.

A Power of Attorney is a legal instrument that allows you to grant authority to another person to act on your behalf or instead of you for certain purposes.


Power of Attorney (POA) can be granted by individuals and Corporations to an agent to perform functions, such as instituting an action in court, managing property, signing documents, or receiving rents etc.

Here are some exit strategies real estate investors use;

  • Outright Selling: This is as simple as selling the property and moving on.
  • Lease Option: The investor rents out property to a tenant with an option to purchase the property at the end.
  • Seller Financing: The investor takes payment in instalments from a buyer.

Realtors are the true professionals in real estate. A realtor is a reputable real estate agent who abides by the code of ethics, is licensed, and educated about the best practices of real estate.

  • Get Referrals from Other Property Owners
  • Find a company that cares about your interests
  • Take a deep dive into the company

Make sure they are supportive

Buyer’s agents are qualified professionals who specialize in finding, evaluating, and negotiating real estate purchases on behalf of buyers. Dedicated Buyer’s Agents represent only home buyers and real estate investors in the acquisition of residential and commercial real estate.

Yes, you can start investing with no capital using:

  • Hard Money Lenders

Unlike personal cash, hard money lenders set forth fees as points. Points range from 3 to 5 and constitute an added, upfront percent charge primarily based on the borrowed amount. This is in addition to the interest rates hard money lenders charge. The regular interest rate varies from 10 and 18 percent.

  • Private Money Lenders

Private money loans are faster to secure, and the lenders charge 6 to 12 percent interest on the money borrowed. These loans are not given by commercial banks, they are given by individuals or businesses who finance real estate for a return or investment.

  • Wholesaling

Wholesaling calls for neither an excessive credit score rating nor big sums of cash down. Instead, it really comes down to having the proper numbers in location. Real estate wholesaling involves locating discounted properties, assigning the contract to a potential buyer, and getting paid to do so.

  • Equity Partnerships

Equity partnerships entail one partner locating distressed belongings at a reduced fee, while another partner makes use of their credit score rating and operating capital to finance it. Skilled investors investigate goals, hazards, roles, and returns before developing any partnership type.

  • Option To Buy

Sometimes called a “lease-option,” this method allows investors to acquire properties without taking legal ownership. However, the investor will sign a legal “option-to-buy” from the property owner at a particular price in the future. In return, the investor rents the property for a long time with a contract in place to buy the property later for the set price.

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