Real Estate Investment in Nigeria

Blueprint City is a trusted real estate investment in Nigeria for individuals and corporate clients.

We provide top real estate investment services to help investors meet requirements and manage their portfolios.

We draw on our vast experience to provide the highest level of value and risk mitigation. You can trust our real estate professionals to guide you through every step of the investment process.


You will receive regular updates on your real estate investment. Monthly meetings and email will keep you informed about your investment activities.

Absolutely! With the necessary permission, you can invest on behalf of a third party. This is a common practice in real estate investment in Nigeria.

The average investment term is five to ten years, but this can vary depending on the type of real estate investment in Nigeria.

The minimum amount to invest is NGN100,000 but this is dependent on the type of real estate investment.

Yes, you can choose the properties to invest in.

Once the exit has been achieved, the profits will be paid to your account in accordance with the investment contract.

Certainly! It is advisable to diversify your property investment as much as possible. However, conducting independent market research prior to investing is crucial for making informed decisions that suit your needs.

The real estate investment in Nigeria has many opportunities, including REITs, land flipping, open space leasing, and property development.

It is considered a good real estate investment in Nigeria because it can provide a continuous stream of income and generate financial stability.

Yes, a home can depreciate if the overall market declines, it is not well-maintained, or the location or condition of the home is poor.

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