Your rental rate will be determined by your property condition, location, and the market demand.

Please contact our team here and we can discuss this with you as it relates to your specific property.

You may place your property on the market at whatever rental amount you wish. However, note that it is market demand that sets the rent, and if the market (i.e., prospective tenants looking for a rental property) think that the asking rent is too high, your property may stay vacant longer than necessary.

We do! We handle the calls 24 hours a day.

This is dependent on you. Decide if you wish to hear from your property manager every time something occurs with the tenancy, or wish that we handle situations with your best interests in mind? At Blueprint City, we note your preferred method of communication and reach out to you via email, messaging, physical meeting, or phone call at an agreed frequency.  

The standard timeframe for rental payments is between the 8th-10th of the first month in a rental cycle. We can however make payment as requested by you.

Five weeks after the tenant moves in, and then every two months.

Yes, you have the final say over who rents your property. After thorough reference check by the property management company, only potential tenants who pass the criteria will be put forward for your consideration and selection.

We can help list your property for sale through an enquiry form, which is available on our website. Your property will be open to visitors on the website and other digital platforms for sale.

You should hire a property management company because it gives you access to an array of professional services that help:

  • provide high-end tenants,
  • maintain, and increase the value of your property,
  • lower the costs of repair and maintenance,
  • shorten periods of vacancy,
  • remove legal issues and affords you the freedom and time to focus on other activities.

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