The optimal return on your investment begins with finding the best tenant quickly.

With our marketing strategies and database of prospective tenants, our team typically rents out property within a month.

The first step we take to evict a tenant is to issue what is referred to as the statutory notices; “Notice to Quit” and the “Notice of Owner’s Intention to Recover Premises.”

After the expiration of the notice to quit, the tenant is expected to vacate the premises and surrender possession.

If the tenant doesn’t, we swiftly issue the seven days’ notice of the owner’s intention to recover premises.

If the tenant still refuses to vacate after the seven days’ notice, then we approach the court for an order of eviction. This process typically takes less than a month.

Highly recommended to all landlords, Blueprint City has a team of professional management insurance brokers committed to helping you with all your insurance needs and every facet of risk and property management.

The tenant is responsible for any damage caused to the property.

Your rental rate is going to be determined by the condition of property, location, and the market demands in the immediate area.

Yes. As a landlord, you have access to your property where there is an emergency or after serving a notice of entry to the tenant to inspect the property, carry-out repairs, or to show the property to a potential buyer.

If you have provided sufficient notice, tenant cannot block your entry, but may suggest a different date and time for entry.

Not only does property maintenance save your property from being prone to heavy damages that might be caused by irregular maintenance, but it also sustains the utility and value of the facility.

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