Our usual terms of engagement are for 3 – 6 months. However, we can be flexible depending on the client’s specific requirements.

To avoid overpaying for a house, it helps to research house prices in the area. Before making an offer and negotiating the price on a property, check out the price range of the size and type of property you are looking to buy in your target area.

Yes, we can work with interstate/international clients. Through a combination of phone calls, emails, zoom meetings and video calls regardless of your location, you will always feel connected across the search for your ideal property and other real estate services you may require. When inspecting suitable properties on your behalf, we’ll take several photos, video walk throughs and live video inspections.

You can book a consultation through an enquiry form, which is available on our website. We reach out swiftly!

Yes, we are available for a physical meeting at our office; AHCN Tower 38, CIPM Avenue, Central Business District, Alausa, Lagos. Kindly contact us to schedule a meeting.

A typical consultancy and advisory process include:

  • Contact
  • Discussion
  • Implementation
  • Evaluation
  • Dissolution

Real estate consultant help you save time and money.

With their intensive knowledge of the market trend and experience, they research potential real estate developments and perform investment or market analysis to determine the risks and benefits for potential buyers.

Charges are personalized to our clients’ needs and required services. However, our typical charges include:

  • Hourly consulting rate
  • Monthly advisory fee
  • Flat rate per project.

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