Location, target market, cost of development and overall profit are factors to determine if a property has potential. Click here to speak to our experienced development consultant that will be happy to provide advice on your property.

If your project requires an architect and/or designer, we can connect you with an expert from our team, but we’ll gladly work with yours as well.

Our services are available in-total or in-part. For optimal effectiveness, we like to be involved with your project at the earliest time possible.

Yes, we help process and acquire building permits for your construction projects. 

The process takes a minimum of Sixty (60) days and may be extended, while LASPPPA (Lagos State Physical Planning Permit Authority) finds the proposed plans and drawings satisfactory.

Yes. A building permit is completely different from a land title. So even though one may have a valid land title, he or she is still required to obtain building permit before developing a property.

We initiate feedback and work with your availability and preferred mode of communication. In line with your request, we will communicate via writing, calls, live videos, pictures, and tech tools to provide real time updates on your project. We also plan periodic site inspections.

Yes. If there is any way to accommodate your change of plans, we will do it. Some changes might attract additional charges, but these terms will be agreed upon before changes are made.

Without a project manager, there’s real risk of project schedule delays, project cost overruns, inefficient detailing of project plans, and failure to track changes and new requirements.

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