Property sales take typically within 30-45 days.

You can list the properties available for sale through an enquiry form, which is available on our website.

For as long as the property is still in the market or until you ask us to take it off the market.

Your property will be open to visitors on the website. You will also benefit from the advertisement, campaigns, and promotions that we run across various media channels.

A customer service agent will contact you immediately in writing or via phone call to provide information on the enquiry.

A buyer would ask for the original Survey Plan, Deed of Assignment, and Certificate of Occupancy to acquire a property.

Yes, this is permitted. Negotiation will not necessarily lead to a sale.

If you decide to withdraw your property from the market, Blueprint City works on a ‘No Sale/No Fee’ basis.

Here are some steps to prepare your home for sale:

– Identify repairs and make a plan

– Declutter and clean—make it feel spacious

– Depersonalize your home

– Touch up and repaint

– Upgrade your curb appeal

– Set the stage—make it feel like home

– Keep it clean and consistent

We charge 5% of the total price paid for the property.

We offer both private inspections and open houses to provide maximum flexibility to buyers. We want as many people as possible to see your property, so you get the serious offers coming in.

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